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Londyn In The Sky

Small Hot Air Balloon

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This modern-inspired home decor hot air balloon is made using 100% - 3 strand cotton rope, and a variety of yarns, ranging in texture and weight. Every great dreamer or explorer needs one of these for their room!

A secured leather loop is attached to the back of the balloon for hanging purposes. The intention of using this specific hanging style is so the hot air balloon appear to "float" on the wall. 
NOTE: This product is handmade and is one sided - all sizes are approximate and may vary. 

-------- Details --------
- approx 5" W x 9" L 
- 5 layers to create the balloon
- a fluffy white layer under the balloon
- 4 neutral rope strings to attach balloon to basket
- 3 layers in the shape of a "U" to create the basket
- Standard fringe included on top of basket 
- a strip of lace and mini pom poms added to the basket right before fringe starts to give character and that sought-after boho look