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The Prairie Mercantile

Foaming Sugar Bath Scrub

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Gently wash, exfoliate and polish your skin while refreshing with a sinfully delicious scents!
Simply scoop out a small amount of scrub and lather directly onto the skin or with a shower poof or cloth, then rinse.

Free from soap, SLS and SLES. Phthalate free.
Discontinue use if irritation arises. Do not eat. For external use only. Keep away from children.

260 g

INGREDIENTS: sugar (sucrose), glycerin, water (aqua), sorbitol (d-glucitol), SCI derived from coconuts (sodium cocoyl isethionate), DLS derived from vegetable oil (disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate), salt (sodium chloride), preservative (phenoxyethanol tetrasodium EDTA), fragrance, mica coloran