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The Prairie Mercantile

Eco-Wax Candle Refill Pouches

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100% Soy wax and hand-poured with love by The Prairie Mercantile Ladies. 

These soy wax refill pouches are THE solution to saving money, eliminating waste AND re-using your favourite (fire-safe) candle vessel! 

The refill package comes with instructions, 16oz of soy wax in your favourite scent in a microwaveable pouch, (3) tabbed wicks, and (3) wick stickers to hold your wicks in place. 

This Refill Pouch Package  is perfect for re-filling one dough bowl, one 16oz premium vase, two 8oz premium vases or four of our 4oz sampler candles. 



In a microwaveable dish, place the refill pouch in microwave. DO NOT remove wax from pouch.

Heat on HIGH for 1 minute
Massage wax in pouch
Repeat this process 3 times or until the wax is fully melted and clear. Do NOT Overheat

Place and secure your wicks, open the bag carefully using the tear notch or scissors, and pour into your desired vessel.

Each refill pack comes with ( 3)tabbed wicks and (3) wick stickers to secure your wick to your vessel.