Makers, Contributors and Vendors

#CountertopArt is a local market collective bringing together the trendiest, most sought after décor items for the kitchen, bath and home together in one place. 


Located in the former Elwood Flynn Suit Shop in Downtown Saskatoon, our space has great historic charm and an absolutely perfect layout. (200 3rd Ave S, Saskatoon, SK). Located on the corner of 3rd and 21st in the Avenue Building, this location offers endless windows, tons of storage space, easy access, and dedicated workshop space in the mezzanine for how-to's, paint-nites and DIY classes.

Open to the public as of April 1st, 2022

Grow with us..... 

CountertopArt is an expansion of Jack & Jill Creations. Owners, Chris and Kristy Rempel, were ready to grow the business into retail store front, and wanted to store to be about more than just the Jack & Jill product lines. Best part, we know and understand what it is like to be a vendor - and even to be a maker with a fulltime jobs. We are here to help, and hope that together, we can create something incredible! 

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At CountertopArt there are a number of options for makers to be part of the store. Vendors can choose to pay a flat rent and have all of their sales returned to them each month. Or, there is rent/commission option great for those just starting out or looking for a reduced rental price. Furniture suppliers or specific art installations are billed commission only on their sales. 


Contributor Memberships (rent) for CountertopArt Saskatoon

Space Size



3ft x 2ft x 8ft 

$230 per month flat rate


$115 rent + 35% commission

Option to supply your own shelving or décor to make this space your own or to use our shelving units.

3ft x 2ft 

or 4ft x 1.5ft

$170 per month flat rate


$85 rent + 35% commission

Use the available table space or counter space provided. Heights vary depending on availability, however most have open space to create tiers (up to 3ft) or shelves available for use on the counter space.

All 3 Shelves

@ 18"x18" ea

$150 per month flat rate


$75 rent + 35% commission

Use all three shelves for your display, total height 4.5ft. Each space is 18" x 18" x 18" tall. The full length is 3ft wide (two vendors side by side per unit).

2ft x 2ft

or 3ft x 1ft

 $130 per month flat rate


$65 rent + 35% commission

Using the table top or counter space available. Heights range from 12 to 18 inches and can include a shelf on the feature wall.

2ft x 1ft

 $95 per month flat rate


$48 rent + 35% commission

Classic display space. Various (single) shelf options and table top spaces through out the store.

1ft x 1ft

$60 per month


$30 rent + 35% commission

Starter spaces – various throughout the store. Limited quantities available in this size.

Up to 30sq ft

Commission only

Only available for Furniture Vendors and Approved Art Installations


Best part? Everything is included in the price!

  • Contributors choosing the Flat Rent option earn 100% of all sales - zero commissions or fees prior to payout.
  • Flexible low rent options partnered with commission 
  • Access to a retail store front for your products for as little as $60!
  • Be a part of home décor store actively marketing to customers looking for items just like yours.
  • CountertopArt covers all incidentals and consumables associated with being a part of the store, i.e. bags, tissue paper, receipt tape, transaction fees, and staff costs.
  • Also included is storage space for your products and inventory, and the staff time to replenish your display when needed.
  • Access to inventory management software that shows real-time sales, inventory levels, progress tracking and printable sales reports. 
  • Inclusion in a fully operational webstore and robust marketing plan both online and via traditional platforms. 
  • Direct deposit payments monthly from online and in-store sales.
  • Support from other contributors and vendors in similar industries in the CountertopArt Contributor Hub.


Expand your business, join our team - let's create something amazing, together!

Apply Today!


As a local collective, CountertopArt is focused on Handmade Home Decor products. Even the name comes from the idea; these are products you'd leave out on your counter when company came over.... art for the counter = CountertopArt. 

Categories & Accepted Products

Products must fit into the following Housewares and Home Décor categories – (Kitchen, Livingroom, Bathroom, Furniture, Art):

Kitchen & Serveware – cutlery, cooking knives, cutting boards, serving boards, dishes, pottery, serving trays, rolling pins, wooden spoons, grill scrapers, homemade cleaning products, infusers, etc.

Linens – dish cloths, towels, napkins, tablecloths, rugs, drapery, blankets etc.

Home Décor – candles, candle holders, signs, wall art, paintings, towel/blanket ladders, unique lighting, throw pillows, macramé, plant pots, wood board games, wall clocks, mirrors, rugs, etc.

Plants and Food – live potted plants, non-perishable foods (i.e. coffee, tea, honey, wine*, preserves,), faux plants, air plants, moss art, etc.

Furniture & Art – dinning tables, chairs, coffee & end tables, hutches, TV stands, storage solutions, paintings, prints, fuzed glass, pottery, flower arrangements, wood art, etc.

Bath – Bath bombs, candles, bath caddy’s, wooden shower mats, soap, soap dishes, trinket trays, essential oils, bath salts, shower mats, towels, etc.


Considered exceptions: Locally authored books & cookbooks, short-term stay vendors in the ‘gift’ section, seasonal items (backyard or bbq), cabin décor, souvenirs that cater to the tourists that frequent the store, and other approved exceptions including fashion, jewelry, personal items, resale or baby items not décor related.